Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine Bookmarks

I hope y'all aren't getting tired of my magnetic bookmarks yet, because they're baaaaaaack.

Sorry. I love Arnold.

I made these early so you'd have plenty of time to put some together for your sweeties for Valentine's Day.

Here's the first design, front and back.

This one is my favorite. It must be the teacher in me.

These have a lot of heart. I mean hearts.

I can't get enough of pandas lately. I made these from a digital kit called Pandemonium from Designer Digitals. I bought it a couple years ago here. I also want to try the treat toppers and the matchbook candy favors this year. If I have time.

I'm not so wild about the way these turned out. They look fine until you print them. I printed one at home, had one printed at Wal Mart, and then got some more printed at Walgreen's, and they came out different each time. Instead of a lovely brown background, it's more of a pukey green color. Just consider yourself warned if you want to give them a try.

Also, I wanted to share my new discovery with you.

I can turn one of these magnetic business cards into six magnetic bookmarks now. I've doubled the number of bookmarks I can get out of one business card magnet! I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

I'll understand if you aren't as excited as I am.

It's just that me and office supplies, we go waaaaaay back.

Here's how to get six bookmarks. First cut the business card magnet in half.

Then cut each half into thirds.

Then each third in half.

See. This is all you need for each bookmark . . . one little piece right in the middle.

Then I stick the other one on top, peel off the sticky backing, and finally close the bookmark. Now I have perfectly lined up magnets.


By the way, please don't use your paper cutter to cut the magnets. My magnets are just sitting on the paper cutter for the pictures. I used scissors to cut them. If you were to use your paper cutter, it would be very bad for the blade. Very bad.

Here are the bookmarks if you want to make some. First click on each image to get the best resolution, then save it to your desktop. Don't forget that step or they'll look crappy.

Next, upload them to your favorite photo center, and order them as 4x6 prints. Then when you get them home, cut them in half so that you have two 2" x 6" bookmarks. You will fold each bookmark in half so that the finished size is 2" x 3".

By the way, it was suggested that I needed to make some boyish bookmarks, so you can find those here.



  1. LOVE these! Thanks...I was looking for something cute and unique for my kids to pass out to their classmates this year.

  2. I love your bookmarks so I will never be tired of seeing them! I am a little put out though {and can tell you are a teacher} because I think you tried to slip a Math lesson in there! ; ) 1/3's and 1/2's, I mean really . . .

  3. Very cute and nope not tired of them. I plan on making some as Just thinking of you gift. I have some magnetic business cards around here to use up.


  4. Of course these are adorable, and of course they are a month early (way organized mamma) and of course your new blog dress is waaaayyy cute, too~!!!


  5. Love them as always! Thanks for sharing!

  6. heck, no, not tired of your bookmarks, after all, I stole your idea! :)

    Oh my paper cutter is one of the sliders not the choppers, so I don't know if I'll be able to use that for the magnets but it's good to know how many more you can get out of it! :) I need to make some more.

  7. Hmm, I might be making some of these for my daughter's Kindergarten class; VERY cute!

  8. Get tired of these NEVER!! You are so creative. They are darling. I can't wait to make some. Thanks Again!!

  9. Those are absolutely adorable!! You always make the CUTEST bookmarks!

  10. Hi, I wondered if you could make some "Thank You" cards that I could print on a 4 x 6 photo. I love your design work and printing as 4 x 6 photos goes a lot further than color printing. Then I'd add some text or even a photo of the gift (Christmas gift) to be thanked for.

    You can reach me at

  11. Look how creative you are! Adorable. Holly

  12. Super Cute... Love these bookmarks! they are too fun.

  13. Not sure why i emailed you instead of making a comment...hope you get it! These are soo creative and different! Thanks again!


  14. These are GREAT!!! Thank you for taking the time to make them :) You fooled me AGAIN.. I thought these were paper scrapped! The shadowing is so good, it really looks 3D.

    I'd like to know what font you used for the "READ". It looks like epoxy letters and I've gotta have it! LOL!
    thanks for sharing. Vday gifts are going to be a piece of cake this year! :)
    amykandes73 at yahoo dot com

  15. So funny! Just left a comment about your Halloween bookmarks! I will be coming back for these cuties! Thanks so much!

  16. Where did u get the magnetic business cards?

  17. Very cute! I will definitely be taking these, thanks! =D