Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Happy New Year my bloggy friends! I am just back from a little vacay, which I will tell you all about once I get my pics off my camera. Today I am unpacking, doing laundry, getting some groceries in the house, and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.

I love a new year because, just like a new school year, it's a fresh start. One thing I want to change this year is to do my menu planning a month at a time. I know, yuck.

I've always menu planned before going grocery shopping, but I haven't been doing any of that since I went back to work. We've been eating way too much processed and fast food, and it leaves me feeling yucky and cranky. So, for 2010, I desperately need to get my menu planning ducks in a row and have a plan.

When I started making my recipe cards a couple years ago, my plan was to get enough recipes together so that I could do a rotating monthly menu to simplify my life when I went back to work. Well, I'm back at work now, but I still don't have that rotating menu. Dang it.

I loathe menu planning, but I cannot grocery shop without doing it, so, like I said, my goal for 2010 is to stay on top of it from here on out. So towards that end, today I sat down and planned out our menu for January. Grocery shopping isn't such a drag, and stressful, when I have a plan.

What about you? What are you working on doing better this year?


  1. I agree that that is such a mental challenge, but SUCH a helpful thing to keep things going from day to day. Looking forward to hearing about your vacay!!!


  2. You know, the basics: weight, budget, peace of mind:-)

  3. I need to start exercising (at LEAST walking more), watch my portions at meal time and I will be trying new recipes. Oh, I also want to de-clutter room by room!

    Can't wait to see where you went on your vacation. It is back to school for Lexi in the morning too.

  4. Ha I am packing, doing laundry, and ready to vacay though, just a lone son who needs his mom, and a mom who needs her son :)

  5. I'm not working on any one particular thing per se, so I won't have to hold myself accountable next December.

  6. can you post your menu?? I've been working on mine all weekend, and only got a few days worth lol I'm really bad at this... I have to go for groceries either tomorrow or tuesday.

  7. I second that comment above....

    We'll LOVE you forever for sharing the menu. I'm sure there's something we can do in return....?

    Happy Menu Planning.


  8. I was awful at menu planning and loathed it for a long time. As a result we ate a lot more crap than good food. I discovered a few years ago and it completely changed our lives. So easy to use and (I think) very reasonably priced. Plus the grocery lists are included. I should be paid to endorse them. Seriously, we love them in our house!

  9. I need to start menu planning. Any advice on how you do it would be welcome, 'cause right now when I shop I just stock up on the basics and when I get home from work is when I start trying to figure out what we're going to eat that night. The worrying and stress is enough to give someone a stomach ulcer.

    Oh, and my resolution for this year is to drink more water. :)

  10. For the people that have asked for my menu plan, I will get that posted, but I'm going to make you wait until I do a menu planning post. You've given me an idea for a menu planning post and it will take some time to pull it all together. Stay posted.

  11. Love your blog! Stop by and share your new years resolutions!!

    Happy New Year

    Kathy :)

  12. i am so not a good planner especially the menu... i don't know what i am going to want to eat two days before i am going to eat it... i used to go to the grocery store on a daily basis ~ i have gotten better though...

    my nyr is to be a better me...

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