Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For Crying Out Loud . . . SMILE!

Remember when I had Stinkerbell's pictures taken by the amazing Brandee? Well, I finally got Zoe Bug's pictures taken too. The pictures above are great, but let me tell you, Brandee had to really work for them.

Zoe spent at least a half an hour refusing to smile. I about came unglued on her. 

We even put Stinkerbell in there to try and warm her up. Which was a little ironic since we had the same problem with her. At least when Brandee asked her to smile this time, she immediately pulled one of her fakey smiles.

Zoe got a little silly too, but she wouldn't cooperate, the little monster. Brandee had to go in and PhotoShop her smile, pulling it slightly up at the corners. She's amazing.

Zoe's wearing her poopie face in this picture. We call it that because, well, . . . never mind.

Apparently we can't make her smile.

I had the idea to run home to get Zoe's pink boots, and when I came back the girls were running around the house chasing Brandee's puppy and giggling like there was no tomorrow.

It loosened Zoe right up.

Now that's better. It's not a full on smile, but it's not sullen discontent either.

But maybe this one is.

I see my baby in this one. Zoe hasn't changed one bit since she was about eight months old. Sure, she's bigger and she has more hair, but her face is exactly the same. 

She has lots 'o forehead, no eyebrows and no visible eyelashes. Which makes her forehead look even more expansive.

Except today, because my friend, GaeLyn, artfully applied some eyebrows and I swiped her eyelashes with a little mascara. I wonder if Zoe felt like Miss Potato Head, the way we tore into her with the hair and the make-up.

What do you think?

Personally, I love Zoe with eyebrows and eyelashes. She's a sweet little thing and I could just eat her.

Here we have Happy Meets Melancholy.

It's really a look, but don't confuse it with Zoolander's Blue Steel.

This is introspective.



I love Zoe Bug. She's my Delicate Flower.

And then there's this little stinker.

Man, what a pair these two are. T-R-O-U-B-L-E. All caps.

Okay, forgive me, but do they look like someone cut some scary mouths out of a magazine and pasted them on their faces, slightly out of proportion?

That's what you get when you fake a smile. Remember that and don't let it happen on your face.

Doesn't Zoe look like a little lady in this picture? Trust me, it's an anomaly. I can't get Girlfriend here to keep her legs crossed when she's wearing a dress. Ever. She prefers to sit with her legs sprawled out in opposite directions. Just like her Daddy. 

I think she's part spider or something.

Whoa Nelly! I wasn't prepared for this one, but I about fell on the floor laughing when I saw it.

Zoe recently learned how to cross her eyes like this. She taught Annika how to do Taco Tongue and Annika taught her how to cross her eyes.

They're helpful like that.

Zoe Bug loves her new boots. Every time we leave the house she tries to get away with wearing these babies with shorts. I tell her "Try again, Sister," and she stomps off all melodrama and petulance oozing out of her pores.

Now I have to go through the bazillion pictures that Brandee took, and figure out which ones I want prints of. I've only shown you a fraction of them, but let me tell you, I have my work cut out for me.

Which one is your favorite of Zoe Bug? Help me out here.



  1. jumpimg! I love the jumping picture. And I would certainly get copies of her sullen face... afterall, that is her face. Oh, picking kid's photos is the worst chore! I always end up buying them ALL. Shame shame.

  2. So adorable, love the zebra ottoman! You know me, I love anything in an animal print!

    Love your header too, so cute!

  3. For me, the second last one. I love personality pictures, and Brandee caught Zoe's in spades!! lol

  4. Those are all great photos, Jill. I'd buy one of each!

  5. I love them all!! I wouldn't be able to pick!

  6. They are ALL great but I love the one with her in the denim outfit with her boot kicked back (full length picture). Too CUTE and a cute smile too!!

  7. Great pictures!!!! I love the last one, where she is jumping, and the one where she is sitting criss-cross on the zebra thing, in a tu-tu, leaning forward... lol... what a description... I hope you know which one I mean...

  8. Oh geez, good luck choosing! My fav is the one where she's on her tummy and you can see her curled toes. But them, I am a sucker for toes (baby and kid toes only!).

    Love the cross-eyed one, even if you just get one for her scrapbook. Perfect personality pic. Also love flirty, too darling. And the last one, of her jumping in the air. Guess I like the odd/fun shots more than the staged regular shots.

    Whatever you choose will be great, as they really all were. Even the non-smiling ones.



  9. oh, girl, what a job to have to make choices!!! They are adorable, but my favorite MIGHT be the 12th one down...close up, sparkly eyes, half smile......she's good as is the photographer!!!!


  10. adorable! the hair and make up looks great!
    my favorite is the one above crossed eyes.

  11. first of all, if I owned those boots, I would wear them ALL.THE.TIME!!!

    secondly, your Zoe sounds so much like my Zoe...they even have similar fair features and definitely a lot of the attitude! I see my future! ha ha

    and lastly, my favorite is the 2nd to the last - with the boots, of course!

    good luck!!

  12. I love all of them. I like the one you called "Happy Meets Melancholy". She just looks so natural there. Not like she was faking a smile.

    I'm like most, I'd get one of each.

  13. Can I just say... CUTE! All of them!

  14. Love them all! Esp. the next to last one. What precious girls! I must ask....did you make their *poofy* skirts?? How?? or where can I find them REASONABLY, please?? ;) And the leg-warmer-things...a must have...please tell. I just heart them! :)

  15. The 14th picture where she has her head on her hand. Adorable!!

    It's funny that she's your Zoe Bug. My son is 7 and he's our Spencer Bug. I made up a little song about him when he was a baby and he still likes to hear it!

    Your daughters are beautiful!

  16. So CUTE!!! I love the ruffly skirts they are wearing. Did you make them? They are all so cute, I couldn't pick a favorite! Also I tried your sugar cookie recipe out the other day and it was FANTASTIC! I am a horrible sugar cookie maker and so I don't make them but I thought one more shot, and it was great! My daughter thanks you too. Sugar cookies are her absolute FAVE!

  17. ooo, I can't decide. The second to last one with the cowboy boots, standing, is one, and the flirty one... I'm not sure which!

    these are amazing. I wish your photographer lived by me. :-P

  18. Wow. You got some great pictures. I can't decide. I like them all. But you definitely have to get the cross eyed one. It has personality. Five years from now, you'll be glad you have it.

  19. PRESH! Love the outfits. Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to choose! :)

  20. The denim coat and red boots pics are my favorite. They are all great, picking out pictures is so hard, good luck with that.

  21. I just love them all! Your girls are just adorable!

  22. Oh, they turned out cute!! ALL of them!

    Sorry, I haven't been by for a while.... I still love ya!

  23. Looks like she is a cowgirl! Ahhh very nice should be proud to be a mommy of such beautiful girls:-)

  24. Looks like she had a blast once she got warmed up. Beautiful pictures for sure!