Monday, November 21, 2016

Farmhouse Love Episode 3

Happy Thanksgiving week, Friends. What do you think of PJ's man bun? Stinkerbell gifted him with this new do.

As promised, I'm here to update you on the bathroom. It's about 65% done. I pretty much made that number up, but I think it's safe to safe that we are more than half done, so 65% sounds good.

Back in September we started with demolition and Peanut Head pulled the toilet and vanity out so we could tackle the floor first.

I scraped decades of linoleum off the sub floor and leveled what remained with thin set.

In retrospect, I think it might have been better to start with the shower surround first, but it's a waste of time to obsess over that now.

Once I prepped the floor to the best of my ability, Peanut Head came in and put the Hardi-Backer cement board down for the tile.

Then my weeks and weeks of work began. In reality I was only working on it one day a week, so when I say "weeks of work" that's because I have a real-life job to hold down and a house to tend to. You know, just like everyone else. Life.

Also, a professional probably could have banged this floor out in a half a day, but I am not a professional. It's been 15 years since I've laid a tile floor, and, as Toby Keith says, I'm not as young as I once was.

I also require time to watch You Tube videos which demonstrate the process in order to pump myself up.

And there were two or three times when I had to rip out small sections that weren't completely level and redo them. And that required at least one additional trip to Home Depot for more tile. And yet another delay for the grouting process--the step I was anxious to get to.

But finally that day came and it was oh so satisfying. And I'm not afraid to admit that I've spent a fair amount of time admiring my own handiwork. 

Soon after the grout was set, I was in there with paint covering up as much of the ugly as I could get my brush and roller on. Before I started on that, Peanut Head pried the trim off the window and door because we're going to replace the trim with thicker farm house trim.

I'm obsessed with farm house everything right now, and I blame Joanna Gaines for that.

Peanut Head even taught me how to use the router so we could make our own baseboard. This is the fun part and the part that is so satisfying to me. Every little thing we add right now makes me giddy.

I'm quite sure Peanut Head is ready to divorce me because all of it leads to more work for him.

I love him so much.

The new toilet is awesome. I know it's pretty weird to talk about a toilet like that, but I'm here to say that you don't skimp on toilets. Yes, you're just going to poop in it, but you don't ever want to see that poop again, do you?

Extreme flushing power. I feel that's all I need to say.

We kept the door, even though it has seen better days. We were able to fill the dents and holes with wood filler, and I hated to paint over the original wood, but it looks so much better now.

We replaced the knobs though because they didn't even match. One of them was sort of bronzey and the other was silver. It's like it was pieced together out of a junkyard or something.

Rather than rip out the old, worn cabinetry, I opted to paint. It would have been a major ordeal, and it provides a decent amount of storage in what is a very tiny bathroom. I stenciled as well to camouflage some of the many flaws. It still needs to be trimmed out, and Peanut Head is going to replace the outlet with a larger outlet.

We found the farmhouse light fixture at Lowe's and it is super bright. The girls and I love it. You can see every pore.

We were pretty limited on our choices for a vanity because this bathroom is so tiny and we had to accommodate the plumbing. This unit didn't break the bank either. 

The girls picked out the fixture, and I don't love it, but it's their bathroom. It just seems kind of tall for the size of the vanity.

I had one of these Target units in our last house, and I hated to leave it behind so I bought another one for this house before we moved. It looks so cute in this bathroom.

Peanut Head made this farm house mirror frame and I love, love, love it.

I hot glued decorative knobs over the holes where Peanut Head screwed it into the wall. Also in a couple other spots to keep everything symmetric and cute.

And that's where we are right now. We have a lot of trim work to do, but most all of it has to wait until the shower/tub surround is tiled. We still have to demo that, but we aren't going to start until after Thanksgiving because Aunt Marcia is visiting.

That and we need a break. 

In the meantime I've become sidetracked by painting my interior doors Sherwin Williams' Urbane Bronze. I found a color swatch on Pinterest and I'm in love.

Parenting by phone is also still alive and well in our house. These text screen shots clearly illustrate the difference in personality between Zoe Bug and Stinkerbell.

I'm ashamed to say that Stinkerbell gets her snarkiness from her parents.

And Zoe Bug gets her sweetness from her Aunt Marcia.

She sure as heck doesn't get it from her parents. 

I love having these gems documented for all of eternity. They will come in handy when they are grown and I'm exacting my revenge.

Insert giddy, maniacal laugh. 

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, my Friends.


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  1. I love your bathroom. When you visit this summer, you can redo my bathroom:-)