Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Faces of Peanut Head

Excuse the mess around here. I don't know how long my blog header has been missing, but yesterday I noticed that my header and sidebar were both missing. Rather than go to the trouble and expense of hiring someone to fix the whole shebang, I'm just going to do it myself as I have time.

I started over with a blogger template and I put together a very simple header so that you'll know you're in the right place when you land here.  I still have a lot of the sidebar to reconstruct, and none of my nav bar buttons are working yet, so don't fret if you click on one of them and it sends you out into the abyss.

Since Zoe saw me tinkering on my blog, she got to reading some of my posts and she had some very special blogging advice to gift me with.

"Mom, the people that are reading your blog are probably getting really sick of reading about teaching and how you're going to leave, blah, blah, blah. You need to write about something else not so boring."

Well okay. I guess she has a point.

Oh, but she wasn't done. "And how come you are always writing about Annie? You never write about me and horses. You need to write about me."

Seriously, I thought I was doing her a favor. I haven't posted that picture of her in forever, but I don't want her to feel left out, so here it is.

My sweet Zoe Bug.

As I told Zoe, I'm always writing about Annie because she's weird and she gives me good material. Zoe is sweet and practically perfect, and I don't know how I got so lucky to be the parent of such a sweet heart.

And thank goodness she can comb her own ding dang hair now, because ain't nobody got time for that mess.

Changing the subject, I didn't come here tonight to tell you about my children. I came to talk about Peanut Head's many faceted personality. He's practically a kaleidoscope.

Way back in February, Peanut Head was telling me that his friend told him that people at work find him intimidating. Naturally, I had to laugh hysterically because, YES.

Peanut Head is very intimidating. He has even been referred to as "gruff" in formal employee evaluations. To which I also say, YES.

I feel validated when I hear such things.

Peanut Head has this look which my Mama Llama quite aptly labeled as non-emotive. With his pushy genes, he has passed this unfortunate trait down to Stinkerbell as well. Sometimes my child looks at me like she's trying to set me on fire. It's awkwardly uncomfortable.

I'm not ashamed to say that I did a Facebook status update about this very thing, and there was quite a bit of bantering back and forth about Peanut Head's all-encompassing stare. In that thread, it was requested that I make a "Faces of Peanut Head" poster, sort of as a public service announcement to help his co-workers decode his non-emotive facade. So, here it is.

Now, I'd like to test you with a little practical application. Before I show you the picture, I would like to caution you that context clues may not always be relied upon when decoding one of Peanut Head's faces.

Give it a try though.

Is this
a) perplexed
b) amused,
c) optimistic, or 
d) none of the above?

Did you resist using the Valentine heart as a context clue?

I will tell you, Peanut Head did not give that scrumptious box of chocolates to his one and only true love. In fact, that box of chocolates was given to Zoe by a boy on Valentine's Day.

The horror. I'll be honest with you, an 8 x 10 poster is not big enough for an accurate representation of all of Peanut Head's faces. I'm going to go with d) and say that this face is his "I am going to hunt you down and kill you" face.

I hope this clears things up somewhat.

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