Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Tweenager

I know this will come as a big surprise to my readers, but this post is more than a week overdue. Apparently I have issues managing my time.

Last weekend, on June 22nd, Zoe Bug turned 12. So she is now officially a Tween. I'd like to say I'm thrilled, but we are now entering the Dark Years, and honestly the last couple years have been sufficiently full of eye rolling and attitude already, so I'm a little bit scared about what's to come.

I'm usually such an optimist too.

As a side note, June 22nd is also my 5th Blogiversary. Five years ago I sat down at my computer after cleaning up from Zoe's 7th Birthday party, and I started my blog. Since that day, I haven't looked back. I've slowed my posting pace to a crawl, but I haven't ever thought about stopping. So here I am, chugging along at my snail's pace, writing drivel on the internet.

My mom must be so proud.

Changing subject. I'd like to take this time to reflect on my cute little Zoe Bug and all of her endearing personality quirks. Although I promise not to repost that picture, but to just leave it be in my archives.

Anything for you, Zoe Zoe.

This picture of Zoe Bug remains our all time favorite picture of her. I still maintain that Zoe Bug has not changed a bit since this picture was taken. She has gotten bigger, yes, but her face is unmistakably the same.

Zoe is my compliant child. My sweet little grasshopper. My smiling, sweet baby. My responsible child.

She believes that Stinkerbell was sent to our home solely to make her life miserable. "She's so mean! Why does she hate me?" she is laments daily.

"It isn't that she hates you, Zoe Bug. She doesn't. She loves you more than you know. Pushing your buttons is fun for her." is my standard reply. "Stop reacting and she'll stop taunting."

Zoe has a tender heart and a tendency toward the dramatic. We call her our little Drama Llama.

Zoe is also very easily influenced by others. From preschool through second grade brown was her favorite color. I just recently learned that it was her favorite color because it was her preschool teacher's favorite color, Mrs. Moeller.

And here I thought it was because chocolate is brown.

I must learn not to project my own passions onto my children.

Her favorite color only changed to green when she went to third grade and idolized her then teacher, Mrs. Ransom.

Zoe loves water and can spend hours in the pool. This year when Zoe wanted to try swimming on the local swim team, we discovered that swimming is her sport. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw her race. She's a natural.

Unlike her mother who is not graceful in the water but floats most excellently on account of built in floating body parts.


Anyway, I'm excited to see what she does with her new sport as she matures.

This sport, this horsey pursuit, I really wish she would tire of. She is relentless in her horsey interests though, and I believe it likely will not fade.

I have nothing against horses, mind you. It's just that they aren't cheap.

Since meeting my cousin, Dede, all Zoe can talk about is going to college in Montana because there's a college there with a horsey degree.

This girl has a memory too, so I believe she'll pursue it. I should start saving now.

Zoe will be starting middle school this year as a 7th grader at the school where I teach. I'm looking forward to having her close to me for these awkward years. Maybe I can help ease her through them.

When I see her in the halls during passing period I can call out "How's your day going, Sweet Chunks?" I just know she'll love that.

Don't worry, Zoe Bug, I've got your back.

Happy Birthday my Little Sugar Digger. I love you!


  1. I seriously thought 10-13 were the worst with my daughter (even though they really weren't THAT bad). But then she got really fun and at 22 she's the most awesome kid/friend a mom could have. I hope you get that kind of experience too!

    Happy Birthday, Zoe! And remember that Colorado State University has an awesome equine science program too! :)

    1. Equine Science? I'll have to remember that. I'm a little relieved to hear that someone else had the terrible teens start at 10 and that there is hope past 13. I can do one more year of this. So far Stinkerbell hasn't exhibited any signs of the preteen nightmare.

  2. Never been a mom myself, but it must be so exciting to watch your child grow and see what interests and skills develop. Cute pictures of Zoe and try to keep optimistic--fun times to come!

    1. Yes it is, but also sad. :( I'd just like to slow it down some.