Monday, February 6, 2012

Classroom Management That Works

Today you can find me over at The Teacher's Lounge talking about classroom management. Come on over for a visit!


  1. I forgot you were posting there and then read the article and said hey that's Jill! I am passing this onto my daughter who is a first year teacher that has only had long term subs so far! Thanks

  2. Hmphff.... I was guessing big stick or cattle prod... but those weren't the answers...

    Those are great ideas. I especially love, love, love the red pen flowers. We have TONS of those come up missing.

    We have about 70 kids on our 'team' (there are 2 other 6th grade teams in our Middle School) We don't have the same kids all day long.

    Currently we're doing a program school-wide where students earn 'tickets' for good behaviors displayed in & out of the classroom. There is a grade level 'student of the week' who earns a prize & then those students get put into a drawing for an even bigger prize.

    In our classrooms we gave 'Purple Bucks' (we are obviously the purple team - but there is also red & orange) during a fundraiser to bring in winter coats, gloves, etc. Also if you brought in classroom supplies (tissues, pencils, hand sanitizer). Then we had an auction (with donated items) for kids to buy Christmas presents or stuff for themselves.

    I probably should have written this over on Inspired Teacher, but when I went via your link I got a warning about a 'Blackhole' Virus Attack... so I went to the site directly.