Sunday, September 18, 2011

Annie Get Your Gun . . . The Peace and the Love Continues

Peanut Head teaches a Gun Safety course for the local Boy Scouts, and he recruited the girls to take the class right along with the Scouts. I'm not a gun lover myself, but you know me, I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to be Alone In My House while the girls are off struggling to remain awake while Peanut Head teaches them the ins and outs of gun safety.

I suppose it's not a bad skill to have.

Stinkerbell here enjoys herself quite a lot out on the range.

She seems to have commandeered Peanut Head's grunt field cap and Princess Leah ear muffs. She knows how to work it, doesn't she?

My favorite part is the way she holds her cute little footsies when she's in her sniper pose.

And the way she squints one eye when she's getting ready to blast the target to Kingdom Come.

It makes my heart swell with pride.

Zoe Bug, on the other hand, is more about technique and careful attention to detail.

She always has been.  I love the little freckles on her sweet little hand. She's my little Freckle-Puss.

Since Peanut Head has been taking the girls to the range, there's a lot of talk around here about target groupings. Of which, Peanut Head informs me, this is a horrible example. Not one of their better ones.

He just instructed Stinkerbell to get a better example for me to scan. I pooh-poohed him and told him I would include a disclaimer.

Like you're going to really care, right?

I love it when they come home and Peanut Head has to rebuild a target stand because one of the girls shoots the leg clean off.

It makes me giggle. Secretly, I think he's proud that his babies destroy things most excellently.

This day that I accompanied my little family to the range, there was a Cowboy Shoot going on.  It was a bunch of grown men, and a woman or two, dressed up in chaps and dusters, competing against each other and displaying their superb marksmanship. And markswomanship.

I looked and looked for The Renaissance Woman, but she wasn't there. I figured with all those Gunslinger dusters, she had to be there somewhere.

No such luck though.

I did some visiting with the Gunslingers' horses. As I was bumbling around shooting pictures of their cute little Gunslinger carts, I kept stepping onto the wrong side of the reloading area, and I was scolded several times to "Git Back Woman!"

Okay, they might not have used those exact words, but I don't like to be called "Ma'am," so I'm changing the facts to my liking.

I made friends with Idaho here too. On second thought, is that Idaho, or is it a tipped gun?

I must ponder this while I refer to my maps.

This is one part of the Cowboy Shoot that I just don't get.

Some of the targets flip clay pigeons up into the air for them to shoot at.

Can you see it?

Me neither, but it's there.

Perhaps if it actually looked like a pigeon instead of a Chernobyl Breathsaver, we could more easily spot it.

Could the Clay Pigeon people not trouble themselves enough to actually make it look like a pigeon?

It's basically a rat with wings. How hard can that be to make a mold and reproduce it in a more believable color?

Peanut Head also has the girls practicing with this cute little bow. Stinkerbell has been begging for a bow for months, ever since she read The Ranger's Apprentice. She's just dying to kill something with it.

I did not pick Stinkerbell's outfit. These days I don't have the energy to wrestle her into what I want her to wear, so I just let her dress herself and make sure to tell everyone that I did not pick out her clothes.

I'm sure people wonder about that.

Stinkerbell marches to the beat of her own drummer, and she tells him what to play. The poor guy lives in fear, I'm telling you.

Peanut Head is so proud of his girls. He made this little poster and put it on the door to his office.

He delights in warning the world of the Scary Threat of What's to Come. 


  1. Oh I just love it!! and.. where did your husband find that bow set? Our twins want to have a robin hood party and that is exactly what I need.

  2. Haha! Love the poster, Jill! Typical Dad with two daughters and, like a good boy scout, I see he's already prepared for when dating hits the scene. What he's got to do is be cleaning his guns when the first boyfriends come a callin'! : )

  3. That's funny. It sounds like our family. My favorite pic is of the Princess, taken at Bigfoot's graduation party. She's dressed in camo pants, a black Halo shirt, with hot pink dangly earrings holding an airsoft gun.

    Bigfoot & her favorite Uncle just bought her a Mosin Nagant (it's a Russian Rifle) for her very own. She's so excited she's drooling over it & can't wait until she turns 18.

    We've already told her boyfriend NOT to tick her off - she's a pretty good shot & so is the rest of the family. Plus we don't want to bury him out back with the other 'bad boyfriends'... lol

  4. You. Crack. Me. Up!
    I love reading your posts.

    You ought to become a comedian as a side job. I know life itself provides enough material!

  5. these military men... they just never get over it! ;)

    I love going to the range and bringing my paper target home to threaten my husband with. Since I have boy kids- I have to threat someone with my occasional marksmanship skills. (also known as luck)

  6. @Summer, Peanut Head found the bow at a bow shop. It's a Genesis Youth Bow, and it's probably more money than you want to spend for a party.

  7. What a great poster! Love his sense of humor. The girls really look like they enjoy this! I know I would have at their age.

  8. Git back woman?????? HILARIOUS!!!
    Nothing says love and family time like shooting stuff.

    I love the outfits she picks for herself. Give me a kid marching to their own drum anyday!