Monday, October 25, 2010

More Halloween Boo!kmarks and Spooky Banner Winner

I whipped up a few more Halloween bookmarks this evening, because I really wanted some monstery bookmarks. I'm quite fond of monsters. My classroom is decorated with monsters, and my favorite monster of all time is the Cookie Monster.

For obvious reasons, of course.

These are the bookmarks I made last year. If you want to snag them, go here.

The new monster bookmarks are below. Please remember to click on each image before saving them to your desktop. Wait for the enlarged image to open up in your window, then right click and save them to your computer, one at a time. If you don't do that, you won't get the best resolution.

And finally, I know y'all are waiting to hear who won the Spooky banner. I won't torture you any longer. The winner is . . . Ann Hirano. Please e-mail me with your address, Ann, and I'll send the banner to you chop, chop.

Happy Halloween Peeps!


  1. WOW! So, so cool. :)

    I emailed you my addy. Thank you so much! Happy Halloween!

  2. The bookmarks are great, as always, thank you to share it with us! The Spooky banner is awesome,
    congratulations Ann!

  3. Thanks, Jill! I believe I saved last year's images, too. I notice a gloss to the paper and I'm guessing a glossy photo paper for printing these would be best?

  4. More great stuff!

    Congrats to your winner:-)

  5. I LOVE when you do these printables!! - So much fun!

  6. Thanks for the new bookmarks they have been a great incentive for my son to begin reading. Each night he reads his book he gets to pick a different book mark to place in his book, now we have even more to choose from he will be so excited tonight to see the new one.


    Congrats to the winner!

  7. I have been following your blog for about a year now. Love the bookmarks! I downloaded your last year's bookmarks, sent them to walmart to get printed & made them magnetic. They are terrific! My daughter (age 8/3rd grade) was thrilled to take them to school today. Esp. because she's an avid reader.
    Thanks for all the great tutorials and printables! ~ Robin

  8. Jill, My husband politely requests that you choose me as the winner since I now find that simply could not go on in my crafting adventure without a cropadile and so I purchased one this very afternoon. IT's AMAZING!! I would never never never have even considered a single eyelet with a hammer involved but just this afternoon I quickly crop a diled 100 of them it's practically the machine gun of the craft room. duck and cover the eyelets are flying... thank you thank you!!

  9. Congrats to your winner!! Those bookmarks are so cute BTW!

  10. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I am so inspired by all your fun things. I am a mommy of 5 little kids and so its nice to be able to read fun blogs. Thanks again for being so amazing and willing to share your talents with all of us!!!!!

  11. I do NOT know how you do it. Seriously. You're my hero. Most of the time I have to remind myself to continue taking in oxygen. Sigh...