Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Treats for Teachers

So, I walked into my friend Janet's classroom last week and snatched another idea. I just love walking into her classroom because it's so tidy. So cheery. So uncluttered. So CEEEEE-UTE. I walk in and just inhale the cuteness. 

Yeah. That and because I'm a cheater and a lifter of all ideas cute, I start scanning the landscape-that-is-her-classroom for something cute to copy. And she never disappoints.

Sitting on her desk, a gift from one of her fabulous parents, was one of these little faux paint cans, decorated super cute and filled with Peanut M&Ms. Now you know you could just take any old container and fill it with Peanut M&Ms, and it would be awesome, but seriously, how cute!

So, I immediately rationalized another trip to the craft store. You know how I dread that place.

Since I have two kidlets there are two teachers to appreciate, hence the two cans.

Now, please excuse my ignorance for a moment. Okay, again. I'll never live down that whole Modge Podge thing, will I?

Anyway, what the ding dang heck is this dingity dang washer for?!!!

All the paint cans had them and I can't for the life of me figure out what I was supposed to do with them. I even asked Girl Genius and she hadn't a clue. In retrospect, I'm thinking I should have at least tied the washers to the cans with a cutesy ribbon. It's that junk drawer mentality. I can't throw it away until I know what it is . . . I might need it someday.

No lie. I have scads of unidentified hoo-hahs that I might need someday. Doesn't everyone?

The not-knowing makes me crazy. I'm seriously worried that my cutified cans are sitting on my favorite teachers' desks, poised to to implode or something, spewing Almond Joy and Kit Kat bits about the classroom, ruining the cute, all because I didn't include the ding dang washer thing-a-ling.

I have such crafty problems, don't I?

Now, I'm not going to show you every little thing I did to these cans, but I do want to show you that the circumference of these particular cans was a tinsy bit more than a twelve inch long piece of paper. You can check that ahead of time by measuring the diameter and multiplying it by pi. You know, if you care.

I know you don't, but this is why it matters--since I didn't choose to use a forgiving pattern that I could just do a patch job with, I was forced to make my label cover the gap. Oh the horror.

It's actually not that big of a deal.

Once you glue buttons and flowers and ribbon to the can, then fill it with chocolatey goodness, who's going to even notice, right?


  1. Love your blog! You have so many great ideas and your humor is wonderful!
    Could the washer be used to pry open the lid? That's my only guess.

  2. Well DUH. I'm such a dork. That makes sense. Thanks. :)

  3. Yes the washer is used to open the lid:) Really cute idea!

  4. Funny. i was going to give some sort of scientific reason (not that I had a good one, mind you)but now I bet you wish you wouldve tied them to the can w/ a ribbon, so when they asked you could be all "oh, that...its to pry the lid open with when you cant open it on your own, and you having an attack"! Ha!

  5. SOOOO darling! It's almost worth being a teacher to get one of those!
    Great idea.

  6. This is absolutely so cute! I almost wish my kids were younger and back in school so that I could do this. Almost. That washer is probably like, when you buy anything that has to be put together and you have parts left over. I think "they" do it to people on purpose.

  7. I'm not a teacher but you can send me a pail full of candy any time. :)

  8. Those are adorable! I'm going to have to bookmark this for a first day of school gift; our last day is tomorrow. :/

  9. Great idea! Love it and for the record, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do with that washer!

  10. well, you seem to peruse classrooms for cute, and I peruse your blog.

    C'est la vie, nes pa? :-P

    I love those! I can't wait until the end of next year, which is Kindergarden for me, well, for my daughter, but still, so I can make CUTE things like that!!! You're the best!

  11. So cute! The washer is for opening the lid. I usually tie it on with some ribbon. I may have to make those for the teachers in our lives. tfs!~

  12. Okay, so don't think that I am a stalker or anything, but I thought of you at breakfast this morning. We went to eat at Cracker Barrel, which I call "crackel barrel". So now I have 2 things I know that I I am not saying right. Oh well.
    I made Keely's teachers a treat bucket too. I wish that I had thought of using the paint bucket. I asked my teacher friend to make up a cute poem to go along with it.

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  14. Those are sooo cute! The washers are only included to drive buyers insane. Chuck them! LOL!

  15. I just made this! It turned out so so so cute! And I got to use my brand new Cricut for it too which made it even better! Thank you for the idea. Teachers have to get an end of the year gift!