Monday, April 5, 2010

Gunny Man, Take Two

Remember our new pooch, Gunny? He's been causing a bit of trouble in our house these past few weeks.

Perhaps you recall I joked about the worst trouble he could get into while being corralled in the hallway might be to eat a door jamb.

Um. Check.

After that little snack, he was evicted to the cold, cold backyard.

Where he promptly set to work on our newly finished porch.

And this innocent grill? It used to have a very nice grill cover on it. Gunny first started to eat it, and because that wasn't enough, he started dragging it around the back porch as if he were very angry with it. It was scary to watch.

I disposed of the grill cover because I was afraid he might topple the whole shebang and set the the propane tank careening missile-like into our house.

Hey, it could happen.

This is a woodpile we have in our backyard. I know it's very white trash.

Gunny thinks it's his toy box, and he constantly drags large pieces out to play fetch with. It's pretty funny watching him try to toss a six foot long board up into the air and catch it.

I think he's part rodent with his wood eating habit. We know he's part lab, and the other part? RAT. Yeah. Rat fink a stink a link.

Clearly he doesn't see what the problem is.


Oh. Oh look. It's the trellis that holds up my Clematis vine. I know that wasn't in the woodpile, Little Mister.

Bad, bad, baaaaaaad doggie.

But you're such a cute little poochie woochie.

Do you see my problem? His cuteness renders all discipline . . . . . . . . very hard to enforce.

Dang it.

If you look closely, you might be able to ascertain which cute and fuzzy little Easter chick was mauled by my little doggie-dita.

Look closely. This one is tough.

Did you pick this one? Your powers of observation are A-MAZE-ING.

This picture shows Gunny playing his very favorite game. In his mouth, you see fencing. Fencing that runs throughout our entire basement in order to corral the 18,767 horses the girls have set up in a freakish arrangement entitled "Horse-A-Palooza Gone Wild."

Gunny Man likes to creep, creep, creep on in when the caretakers are painstakingly setting up the miles of fencing. When the time is right, usually at the exact moment the last fence section is placed, he darts in, grabs a mouthful of fencing, or a little horsie if the planets are aligned just so, then darts back out, taunting a horsey girl and daring her to chase him.

And he cannot be caught. I'm telling you, this little doggie-dita could be a quarterback, he's that good.

Look at those shifty eyes. He sees the girl approach and he's ready to dart this way or that.

He leaves behind a tangled mess of fencing. Oh no, what will stop the horsies from escaping?!!!

"Run! Somebody get Godzilla! We must save the horsies! REMEMBER THE ALAMO!"

The girls try to outsmart the canine monster and ignore him, as if they couldn't care less. But then His Doggitiness pounces on them to remind them "WE'RE PLAYING HERE! CHASE ME!"

At which point a wrestling match ensues and, finally, the slobbery mess of probably no longer intact fencing is retrieved and replaced.

And then the scene replays itself over and over and over again. He never tires of the game. And there are so many horsies to kidnap. His work will never be done.

Oh look. Here he is with Peanut Head. I'm calling this one "Grunts in Love."

Don't ask, don't tell.

I'm sorry. That was so bad, but I just couldn't resist.


  1. What a naughty dog!!! He's so stinking cute. Love that face, he's so cute!
    Since he's so cute he can't be disciplined.
    Cute people never get disciplined.

  2. I feel the pain. I have two pups. One is not so much a pup anymore...but lets not get too technical here. Their favorite things to eat are the little plastic men & lincoln logs. Any toy left unattended is fair game! Good luck with your cute little {big} doggie!

  3. Gunny is so dang cute, but I am thinking if you don't get the chaos under control, you are gonna have even bigger problems down the road. Your bunny shirts turned out great (and the sweet girls are so precious). Hope you are getting the hang of the new machine. I wouldn't know how to use any of them. Have a fabulous week! ;) Tammy

  4. awww!

    Emma never really got that bad, thankfully, but you know what? We got her a Kong Wubba and that is her favorite toy. now she rarely tries to get anything else. I bet Gunny would like a Wubba too! :)

  5. Being part Lab would explain him eating your house. They will chew everything! My parent's dog is half lab and half rot. He ate the wooden handle off a hammer!

  6. Wow! I'm appreciating our 2 kitties even more at this very moment!

    Good luck!

  7. So, Peanut Head has his hands' full fixing your door jam and training the dog not to chew, right????

  8. hmmm..we have a chocolate lab & she never chewed on wood or walls.
    You gotta keep him occupied.
    try walks after dinner with the family , or those balls you can stick peanut butter in, i think they are called Kongs. Gunny will be so tired he will just pass out.

    he shure is cute though. I can see why he gets away with it.

  9. My dog was a stealer, too. It's a royal pain in the neck. Especially when you have to chase him to retrieve something, because you're totally feeding his take-something-for-attention ploy. The thing that worked for me? Bitter Apple spray.

    You can get it at pet stores and it works like a charm. I Bitter Apple'd myself a couple times (don't - it does NOT taste good) with the overspray. My dog quickly learned what things were his and what things were ours.

    And I second the Kong thing. We used to stuff Domino's with mashed potatoes or cheese and kibble (and then nuke to melt the cheese) and he'd work on that bad boy for hours.

    Good luck!!

  10. I totally understand your frustration! I was so frustrated when the puppy ate my daughters chocolate Easter bunny. I yelled, "Good maybe she will die" I quickly regretted and repented of that. Because then my daughter cried even more for she did not want the dog to die. Oh what a bad mom I am!! Best wishes and good luck it will get better!!

  11. Oh I laughed and laughed at this! He is a major cutie, but you have reminded me of why we will not get another dog, when ours (currently 12!) expires. I do not have the energy to train another member of this family. One husband and four kids have taken all my patience for proper home training! I do reccommend the Kong, and some midmorning park runs.

  12. Oh my sister we could be in a club together! Geez louise! I bet that I could even take some of the same pictures of my hubby and our pooch!

    Oh and our vet looked at her the other day and said that our dog may have some Shibu Inu in her.

  13. OMG I can so identify here! My lab ate wood for some reason too!!!! I have three words...The Dog Whisper. He helped save my sanity when we got our puppy. Lots of walking...that's all I can recommend. Lots and lots. And buy a doggie backpack and load that thing down!

    He sure is a cutie though!

  14. OK, this is so something that I've lived before... and the fact that you have all these photographic evidences against this cute little poochie... doesn't do any good, does it? Ha ha! My neighbor across the street is living this right now... lost shoes, Wii game, Wii controller, toys, etc. It's insane but I think these dogs consider the house their own personal never ending supply of chew toys.

  15. Can I recommend a muzzle? I heard the Chicago Bears might be looking for a new QB, maybe he could try out?

  16. I feel your pain. When our puppy was little he ate, a door frame, tile floor, shoes, underware, and who know what else. There is hope at about 3 years they stop or at least slow down. Pig nuckles have been a big help around here they keep him busy for quite a while.
    Good luck

  17. I feel your doggy pain and miss my dogs horribly right now. :-P but I'm happy about no puppy poop. Just cat poop. sigh. I miss my dog.

  18. His first home was in a toothpick factory???

  19. You are hilarious!!! I've been catching up on your blog and have to take a break to catch my breath. Cute dog, adorable girl with funky hair ~ and I have a Crop-a-dile too that I must reunite with!!!!

  20. That is so life here to. I enjoy your Blog. Come find us in Fate Texas sometime:)

  21. LOL! Puppies huh! Ours chewed some of his dog house and a bit of the deck. But I think he's calmed down a bit over the last year and only chews stuff we give him, or stuff he finds in the garden like (little) sticks :)

  22. Omgoodness! I realize this post is old, but I just found you via Pinterest and I was laughing so hard I am crying! I love it and I am now following you!

  23. Omgoodness! I realize this post is old, but I just found you via Pinterest and I was laughing so hard I am crying! I love it and I am now following you!