Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's Always Something to be Thankful For

Every day when the girls and I get home from school, we have a little ritual we do where I yell at them to hang up their coats and their backpacks, they ignore me for ten minutes, I yell some more, then finally they succumb to the nagging and hang the stuff up.  Once that's done, they empty out their backpacks and make a pile for me on the kitchen table with all the papers they brought home.

Well, I found this little gem in Zoe Bug's pile, and it was so dang cute that I just had to record it on my blog so that I could have it forever and ever. It's a picture of a little girl holding a tissue up to her nose and here's what it says:

Little Molly Peters
Stuck her finger up her nose.
She pulled it out, examined it,
And wiped it on her clothes.

Now Molly is a lovely girl,
That is not really the issue.
But she will have no friends until
She learns to use a tissue.

How cute is that? Wait, it gets better. Stinkerbell delivered the punch line when she said "I don't wipe mine on my clothes. I eat them."

And that, my friends, is just one more reason I am thankful to be teaching sixth graders instead of first graders. I mean, I looooooooooove first graders, but they do eat their boogers. It's a fact.

And there are much, much better things to eat than boogers. I wouldn't even waste one calorie on a booger. Well, I did when I was in first grade, but I don't do that any more.

I eat much differently these days. I might even have mentioned this before, but I know how to throw me down some food.

That's right. On Thanksgiving, I made myself miserable, I ate so much. It was so bad that I couldn't even lie down because I was getting a pain in my left collar bone, which I'm pretty sure was my body trying to eject a lung to make some room for my overindulged meal. It was awful.

But that's not my point. My point is that I have a lot to be thankful for. Even though a booger eater lives in my house.


  1. that is a super cute post!
    I too have a booger eater in my house.
    I think Ill be printing your poem out & pasting it on his wall.
    Maybe it will sink in if he sees it everyday. - "Use a tissue"!!!

    This post just made my day.
    Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Thats is the cutest and funniest thing! Hmmmm I too have one of those first graders....:)

  3. Ha! Sometimes I'm glad my kids are 19 and 22 now! Hey ~ she is honest, so there's something else to be thankful for. : )

  4. Oh no!!! That is gross but soooooo funny!!

  5. wow, that is soooo cute!!! Gross, and funny, but a cute little poem!!!

    sixth graders are gross in other ways though... heh.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA, I almost snorted my water out my nose!!!! I should know better than to take a drink when reading one of your posts!!!!! Priceless!!!!

  7. Hilarious and I have a shameless booger eater too!

  8. Very funny. So tell me this, what grade do they outgrow the booger eating?

  9. Cute poem and nice picture that went with it too!

  10. eating the boogers was funny... but really i laughed out loud when you said you were so full that your collar bone hurt... :-)

  11. The poem and picture are adorable. But the booger munching talk is making me gag, I cannot lie. And I am officially thankful that my kid FINALLY learned to blow her nose. Now if I can just get her to learn she has to have a tissue, so I don't have to look at her snot worms. OK, now I'm making myself gag.

  12. I have a booger wall-wiper at my house. We just had a cleaning session where he had to clean all the boogers he had wiped on the wall by his bed. Most of them came off with minimal paint chipping. The remainder, I reminded him, will have to be soaked until they are gooey enough to be wiped off. I'm hoping the task will be disgusting enough to ensure preventative measures on his part---like KLEENEX!

  13. That is way cute! My nephew eats his boogers and tortures us be doing it in front of us. So gross!

  14. That's funny. I've been quite the blog slacker lately, just thought I'd check in and see how you are.

  15. I thank god every day that my kids don't eat their boogers!! Come by my place on Sunday, there will be something for you on my blog!

  16. Hilarious! I'm a sub and Wednesday I had 1st graders, then 6th graders on Thursday...what a difference! I can actually sneak some reading in while the 6th graders silent read or work independently. Shhh don't tell!

  17. Ewww! What a strange poem to teach in school. :) I'm sure the kids loved it though!

  18. PUhhhh LEASE tell me that they told her that poem to write and that she is NOT that ridiculously talented at this age to have written that herself!!! OMG, I cant stop laughing. Oh, wait, I peed. Whoops. Gotta go clean myself up now. Be back latah!

  19. As a mom of three boys, um young men, 22, 19, 16, I laughed my head off!!!

    Some NEVER outgrow that delicacy (sp?) though. I can't tell you how many times, sitting in traffic, I've seen adults do it!!!! So gross!!!!

    I think a couple of the comments above, made me actually gag too!


  20. Okay, I'm pretty sure that that was the funniest damn thing I've ever heard!! Thanks for sharing!!!